Why Do Pro Athletes Like Cryotherapy?

High performance athletes submit their body to extreme strain when training and competing. From muscle pain to injuries, tissue damage or bruises and broken bones, they need efficient methods to recover.

The faster they recover, the faster they can get back to it.

Traditionally, members of sports teams and athletes have immersed in iced water baths after intense training or major events. More and more, they are leaning towards cryotherapy for faster results.

Cryotherapy consists of exposing the body, or parts of it, to extremely low temperature (from -180F to -250F). Shocked into protecting its core temperature, the body rapidly switches to survival mode and blood vessels constrict to protect the organs and tissues. When exiting the cryo-chamber, the vessels dilate, dramatically increasing blood flow and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Cryotherapy, in essence, is icy air bath.

The combined effects of analgesia induced by exposition to the cold and the improved blood flow restrict the inflammatory process and tissue damage.

Pro athletes use cryotherapy before training to heighten the efficiency of the sessions (and by benefitting from the lasting pain relief, they can train longer).

After training or after an event, they use cryotherapy to relieve their muscles from soreness and their limbs from bumps and bruises.

Studies have shown cryotherapy also helps the healing process after more serious injuries and surgery.

One could easily understand why cryotherapy is a better alternative to ice baths: it is more comfortable, no moisture penetrates the skin and it appears logistically more manageable. Let’s add that the cold effect of icy air (nitrogen) is much less unpleasant than a bucket of ice water.

The good news for us mere mortals is that cryotherapy is not exclusive to pro athletes anymore. From just one session every now and then to more regular “dips” we can relieve pain and increase overall health.

Whether you are looking for a painless physical therapy after an injury or surgery, or wish to be able to exercise more often, or just want to feel rejuvenated, San Diego Cryotherapy is the place to visit.

The only center in the area to be certified by Cryohealthcare Inc., San Diego Cryotherapy offers services of the utmost quality in terms of technology and safety standards.

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