Whole Body Cryotherapy Is Safe

Like most things, there’s a right and wrong way to Whole body cryotherapy. There has been some speculation about the safety of WBC and we’re here to set your doubts at bay.

Whole body cryotherapy is a safe treatment but we do advise that you check in with your primary care physician before you try it. Here are a few things that can give you peace of mind when making an appointment for a session of whole body.

What You Need to Know

Trained staff

When you call us or any other facility you can ask about the staff and how trained they are. Everyone who works in our cryospa is educated and follows strict standards that have been set by the medical community.

Wear the right protection

We provide gloves and socks to protect your extremities. Any time you go in the cryochamber we make sure you wear these. Don’t get into the cold chamber without these and don’t trust anyone who tells you it’s not necessary. You must wear these. Any cryo center that doesn’t offer them is putting you at high risk.

Your blood pressure

We’ll take your blood pressure at your first visit, however, we won’t know your whole clinical history. If you have any concerns check with your doctor and disclose to us any health history that we should know. For a list of contraindications, click here. Make sure you don’t suffer from any of these condition before entering the cold chamber.

Make sure you’re dry

Having wetness on your body will cause frostbite. Our spa will provide you with towels and a robe.

Follow instructions

This sounds like a given but we cannot stress it enough. Please follow all the directions the staff provides to ensure a pleasant and safe whole body cryo session.

How Safe Is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Like a lot of sports, medications and beauty treatments, there are risks based on the way it is administered and the individual’s medical history. With Whole Body Cryotherapy, there has been more benefits that injuries or side effects reported and we believe it’s a safe practice for athletes and anyone who wants to better their muscle health.

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