Whole Body Cryotherapy Danger: Is The FDA Too Self Centered?

Alerting to potential whole body cryotherapy danger when it has been used for decades for a variety of purposes is intriguing. These days, it is not at all uncommon to hear about its use in sports and fitness, as the rise of extreme sports, functional fitness, MMA, and bodybuilding has created a need for more effective ways to cool down and recover. While many athletes, instructors, and coaches can attest to the benefits of cryotherapy, the FDA disagrees with its use, stating it is too dangerous. Well, what’s the truth?

Whole Body Cryotherapy Danger?

According to the FDA, there is not enough information available to determine the significance of potential adverse effects from the use of cryotherapy, including hypoxia resulting from the addition of nitrogen gas, or frostbite from cold temperatures; as such, it remains unsafe, as far as they are concerned. Additionally, they do not believe it yields any positive benefits, which indicates a potential risk and a lack of reward.
Frostbite typically occurs at the extremities (fingers and toes) and the face, which is why you have to wear protection on hands and feet; or if the skin is wet (from water or sweat), so that’s fairly easy to prevent. None should enter the chamber without being perfectly dry. As for the deficiency in oxygen reaching the tissues, the 3 minute max exposure, while not insignificant, is short enough that it poses no major risk. Typically, the head stays above the cryochamber so the air is not saturated. Freezing is dangerous, that’s a few steps from associating it with any whole body cryotherapy danger.

Is Whole Body Cryotherapy Beneficial?

What the FDA fails to mention is the history and origin of whole body cryotherapy. Started in Japan in the 70’s, it originally was conceived to help with rheumatoid arthritis. Now, it assists athletes and patients with a number of ailments, from skin blemishes and anti aging to more advanced and significant threats and serious diseases. Users of whole body cryotherapy have reported feeling more energized, as well as less sore after workouts, so it’s impossible to discount the procedure entirely. In fact, what many pro teams were using after intense training, the ice bath, is far more risky than WBC, as it requires more time in the chilly water, therefore higher risks of hypothermia.

You should all necessary steps and follow the procedures in place specifically to prevent whole body cryotherapy danger. You should also be aware that it does have its benefits if you’re looking for something to help with that post workout recovery. It has proven successful in multiple fields across a range of health problems. Admittedly, there are certain situations and conditions under which you should avoid cryotherapy- for instance, if you’re infirm, unwell, or pregnant- but other than that, there’s no harm when all safety standards are respected, as defined by physicians.

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