How WBC can Improve Balance and Coordination

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive cold therapy treatment that helps to stimulate the natural healing processes within our body systems.

The Cryotherapy Healing Process

During cryotherapy, one’s skin surface temperature drops dramatically in response to exposure to cool nitrogen vapors. While blood vessels close to the skin’s surface contract and decrease the flow of blood – internal core temperatures are helped by increasing blood flow and oxygen levels within.

Comparing Whole Body and Partial Body Cryotherapy

Partial body cryotherapy (aka local cryotherapy) treats one part of the body only, as the name suggests. While WBC (whole body therapy) treats the entire body – including the nervous system – inside a super-cooled chamber. The process speeds up natural healing with proven success.

Where Balance and Coordination Problems Stem From

Whole body cryotherapy practitioners know that movement coordination and physical balance bear a close relation in the nervous system. The inner ear is responsible for determining where the body is in space. However, we need assistance from our peripheral nervous system to coordinate smooth movement from our bodies.

This additional information comes to us courtesy of our eyes, and our proprioceptors that receive and deliver information about muscle tension, joint angle, and muscle length. These proprioceptors are deep within our muscles and tendons. For the system to work together, we need a well-tuned flow of data to and from our central nervous system in our brains.

Having the system let us down is a little like listening to music on a weak internet connection. Sometimes the data flows smoothly into music. At other times, the sounds are lumpy, and disjointed. When the flow of information about balance and coordination is intermittent, it is no wonder we become confused about what we are doing. It is helpful to engage in exercises and treatment to improve proprioception and balance.

The Application of WBC to Balance and Coordination Problems

Physical disruption to the proprioceptors deep in our muscles and tendons can be the root cause behind balance and coordination difficulties.

The attendant reasons might include:

  • Joint injuries, or degenerative inflammation restricting mobility
  • Overloading muscles though over-exercise or lifting heavy weights
  • Disorders affecting the nerves themselves that transmit the information
  • Immobilizing a body part, for example to allow a broken bone to mend

The application of cold, using the whole body cryotherapy technique helps these issues resolve themselves faster, naturally.

WBC Cryotherapy Treatment – The Experience

The client strips down as much as possible and steps into the cryosauna. The cryosauna is elegant almost like a glazed shower. As the door closes, extremely cold nitrogen vapor flows in, cools your body down and starts the healing. The entire process takes about three minutes. Just as you are thinking things are better than you expected, the door opens. Your treatment is over. Your journey to better balance and coordination begins.

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