How to Treat Football Injuries With Cryotherapy

Engaging in contact sports such as football carries a high risk of injury. This fast-flowing sport engages all major muscle groups, which means that football injuries can occur virtually anywhere on and in the body. Often, injuries are recurrent in nature due to compromised muscle, tissue, and bone.

Most footballers fall victim to injury at some stage in their relatively short playing careers, regardless of the level at which they participate. Treating football injuries usually involves long periods of complex therapy on the road to sport rehab. It is vital to follow the advice provided by qualified sport injury professionals.

Using Leading-Edge Freezing Technology

Cryotherapy is the localized or general use of a cold application to treat a variety of muscle and tissue damage resulting from sport. This form of treatment is gaining in popularity, as it is quick and effective. Pain relief is immediate and usually sustained after a brief session of Cryotherapy.

Many professional football players choose to use cryotherapy as a form of healing, some even have cryotherapy chambers in their home. The financial outlay would not pose a problem for the high-yielding earnings power of a top class footballer. For us mere mortals, attending a series of Cryotherapy sessions under the supervision of a trained consultant does the trick.

Treating Football Injuries on the Field

A medical professional, such as a physiotherapist for example can quickly assess an injury sustained on the field of play. Treatment ranges from a quick burst of vapor coolant, nicknamed magic spray, to the assisted removal of a player on a stretcher in the event of a more serious injury rendering the participant immobile.

Consider the Beneficial Effects of Cryotherapy

The physiological effects of briefly exposing damaged skin and tissue to cold is indeed remarkable in terms of therapy outcomes. It directly influences blood circulation and works in tandem with the neuromuscular and metabolic systems.

Thanks to its many benefits, cold can be widely used as in Cryotherapy for example. Ice packs applied to the area of injury and cold pools are beneficial in body recovery and regeneration.

Control of Pain and Edema Swelling

As mentioned earlier, injury can occur in football at any time, it even affects game officials from time to time. Cryotherapy helps reduce post injury trauma in musculoskeletal mishaps.

A controlled session of Cryotherapy after a training routine assists in removing metabolic waste and aids tissue oxygenation. It also inhibits delayed muscle soreness caused by the release of lactic acid in the body after a workout.

Horses for Courses

Using Cryotherapy in treating football injuries is not a ‘miracle cure’ for all situations. It is more useful as a cold application after aerobic training and some speed endurance workouts. The benefits of a Cryotherapy session after resistance training are a little less clear.

We hope you have gained some useful information on the use of Cryotherapy in treating football injuries. Remember to share information with your health practitioner before embarking on any form of sports-injury therapy. There are many good Cryotherapy studios from which to choose if you wish to heal sports-related injury.

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