Speed Recovery: Cosmetic Surgery And Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cosmetic surgery and whole body cryotherapy are now going hand in hand. Plastic surgeons are more and more recommending cryotherapy to their patients after a procedure. Immersion in extreme cold has proven to speed up the recovery process by reducing swelling, naturally relieving pain and promoting the body’s self healing  anti-inflammatory function.

Body’s response to surgery

Surgery is an assault to tissues and flesh and induce a body response to stress and trauma. Following cosmetic surgery (or any surgical procedure) is a period of pain, swelling and bruising. Our body enters defense mode to heal the wound. The troops (red blood cells) start the inflammatory process, a natural, healthy function designed to self repair damage. White blood cells enter the stage to fight potential infection from outside agents (bacterias). Healing is much like a relay race. Fibroblast cells come over to bring collagen to replace injured tissue.

Cosmetic surgery and whole body cryotherapy : how it works

Up until recently, the best answer to help after cosmetic surgery was pain medication and bags of ice applied to the operated area. But surgery implies social interruption and physical discomfort, neither of which should go on for too long.

Cosmetic surgery patients (and their surgeons) are turning to whole body cryotherapy to speed up the recovery process.

We already know how athletes are using cryotherapy more than full immersion ice baths following intense training or injuries. The benefits of cold water or ice cubes to reduce pain and swelling are multiplied when you drop the temperature to –180F to -250F.
Whole body cryotherapy after a cosmetic surgery procedure will help with pain management. The more than polar cold ( only -60F in the South Pole winters) has a naturally analgesic effect while exposed to it. But the major benefit of whole body cryotherapy is the lasting action of pain relief. After the 2 to 3 minutes of exposure, the body keeps releasing endorphins ( from endogenous and morphine), the hormones that make us feel good, elated and pain free.
Cosmetic surgery and whole body cryotherapy are also good companions because of the anti-inflammatory response generated by the cold. The inflammatory protocol the body has put in place to start the post-op recovery is tempered by the release of anti-inflammatory proteins, the cytokines.
Last but not least, a successful and prompt healing depends on minimizing toxins and chemical in the blood. Because the vessels dilate so abruptly when you return to warm temperature, the blood is free to distribute oxygen and nutrient and eliminate waste and toxins through wider vessels.

Whole body cryotherapy is a comprehensive technique to deal with the aftermath of cosmetic surgery: relieving pain, reducing bruising and generating an anti-inflammatory response. Not to mention cryotherapy also stimulate the production of collagen. Cosmetic surgery and whole body cryotherapy decidedly work together to make you feel and look better.
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