San Diego Chargers Players Freeze in San Diego Cryotherapy Center

NFL players are stripping down and turning on the deep freeze at a cryotherapy center, and some San Diego Chargers are among them. Pre-game, cryotherapy reduces inflammation and soreness, and releases endorphins to energize players for the grueling game. Some players find relief from pain and swelling in the cryotherapy chamber after games and practices; others use cryotherapy to recover from specific injuries or for ongoing health benefits.

San Diego Cryotherapy Center

Players from the San Diego Chargers have talked about their experiences at San Diego Cryotherapy Center, located near Qualcomm Stadium. Javontee Herndon, wide receiver for the Chargers, said cryotherapy feels like “heaven.” When defensive tackle Tenny Palepoi was told his teeth were chattering in the frozen chamber, he responded, “Yeah, that’s how cold it is. It gets cold pretty fast.”

Dwight Lowery, who plays safety for the Chargers, compared being in the cryotherapy chamber to a famous scene in the movie Star Wars. During The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader has Han Solo frozen in carbonite, complete with clouds of frozen gas. “You do get that effect, with the smoke coming up,” quipped Lowery.

Long-term benefits

In March, Lowery recorded a cryotherapy testimonial on YouTube, explaining how he tried cryotherapy several years ago but didn’t like the cold. Despite his first impression, Lowery decided to give cryotherapy a second chance. “I felt the heating of my core activating, in terms of trying to keep myself in survival mode,” he describes in the video, referring to the rapid cooling of skin temperature and the resulting warmth radiating out from the body’s core. He came out of that session feeling relaxed and at ease.

He repeated the cryotherapy treatment the next day, and reports a huge improvement in the way he felt, even better than the day before. He explains that the more consecutive treatments you experience, the better you feel. He remarks, “I’m a big advocate, a big believer, and I look forward to how my body will respond, doing this over a consistent amount of time.”

With all the torn ligaments, dislocated shoulders and ankle sprains in football, it’s no wonder players are flocking to a cryotherapy center nearby. Besides relieving pain and healing injuries, the frozen treatment also releases endorphins for more energy and feelings of well-being. The next time you need a boost, do what the big guys do: cryotherapy.

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