Who trusts us

We are pleased and honored to provide Cryotherapy sessions to amazing teams such as the KC Chiefs, Denver Broncos and SD Chargers; to freeze high performance athletes in golf and boxing; to chill UFC fighters, and many San Diego County residents. Thank you for your trust.

I started the treatment two weeks ago. After doing a lot of researches about cryotherapy, i decided to give a try. When I arrived at San Diego Cryotherapy Joseph and his team has been beyond nice. They explained me everything and showed me what can be my expectations. I am an athlete and doing more than 15 hours of sports every week. With cryotherapy, I have been able to reach my goals and push my body to another level. I recommend San Diego Cryotherapy to anyone that want to improve their personal health!

Clem C.

Today, I met with Joseph and tried the full body cryotherapy treatment. It was a great experience! Everyone on the San Diego Cryo team was extremely friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions, and provided me with a ton of useful information. It was cool seeing other professional athletes excited about getting into the cryo chamber! My partner and I compete on the AVP beach volleyball tour, and we are constantly sore from lifting circuits & sand training. We often require massages, ice baths & hours of foam rolling to fully recover. After just a 3 minutes session, my entire body felt completely rejuvenated! Not to mention, being in the chamber was actually fun! It was much easier than doing a 20 minute ice bath. That’s for sure. My body warmed up pretty quickly afterwards, and I started feeling the benefits right away! I definitely look forward to making cryotherapy treatments part of my regular recovery regiment! Thanks again Joseph & San Diego Cryotherapy!

Lynne G.

1st time customer and received a 2nd back-to-back treatment. Friendly staff and Joseph was very knowledgeable. Don’t have many aches but wanted to try. Felt energized and relaxed from the whole body treatment…will be there again. Almost forgot, Marine veteran owned!

George F.

Clean, professional, and my back feels better. What more do you want? Oh a firefighter discount they have that too. The owners are excited to help and educate.

Micah M.

Had a great experience here! You have to check this out! Like nothing ive never experienced. Ask for Nate.

Ryan G.

Can’t say enough good things about San Diego cryotherapy! Such down to earth, friendly, helpful and professional staff! Cryotherapy has really changed my life in that it has significantly reduced my arthritis pain and inflammation and everytime I go in I get a healthy rush of endorphins which lasts for hours after I leave. So grateful I found this place and strongly recommend it to my friends and family.

Tom B.

Great experience. I am pretty active and athletic and I have heard of this but never tried it. I just walked in not sure what to expect. Very new and clean with a very nice staff. It was like an ice bath on steroids. I was only in the machine for three minutes and I came out totally refreshed. I also had some pain in my elbow but after I was done I felt no pain. It only took me 15 min all together and most of that was me changing. I will definitely be coming back and I will be recommending it to my friends.

Mark K.

I stopped by for a cryofacial and was educated, impressed, and intrigued at the same time. My left arm is in a cast and Joseph the owner told me that after the cast comes off, cryotherapy will improve my recovery. I always seem to have some soreness from biking, mt climbing and weight lifting. We talked about my skin/facial goals and Joseph said the facials will improve my skin and suggested that I also try a full body treatment. I did both treatments that night and I can’t wait to utilize their services to the max once this cast is off. For now, I am truly enjoying the facials. After 5 facials, I already see and feel a difference.
The customer service is superb and they will truly go out of their way to help you meet your goals and get you pain free with pretty glowing skin. This is not a one time treatment kind of place, although after one visit, you will feel better and will want to go back. But for superior results, several visits would be best. Therefore, the package deals will save you money.
The center kind of has a 21st sci fi feel to it, not powder puff stuff (thank goodness), and very clean. I loved being in the tank and experiencing the cold. So refreshing and I could feel my skin and muscles react. Very very cool and invigorating.
On my way out, Joseph said ” welcome to the family. ” That says it all.

Vivien B.

I have a right shoulder and left knee injury.I did a walk in yesterday did the treatment and local..best decision I made,I don’t feel the pain in my shoulder or knee right after the treatment and expecially when I woke up this morning. The staff is nice and knowledgeable of what treatments they’re doing. This will definitely not going to be my last time here. I recommend everyone to try this!FYI It’s freezing cold!

Billy L.

After years of working in the EMS world and currently working in an ICU caring for up to 50 patients in a 12 hour shift, repetitive body motion is unavoidable. No matter how good I am with my proper body mechanics the years have taken a toll on my body. I have looked for relief for my aches and pains with medicine, massage, yoga and acupuncture so I figured I would also give Cryotherapy a try. It makes sense since we actively cool and induce therapeutic hypothermia for Cardiac Arrest, Stroke, and Traumatic brain or Spinal cord injuries patients in the ICU’s. Well after 4 days straight 12 hour shifts I had to go in. Luckily no appointment needed. I showed up, they explained the process, I signed the waiver, and into the chamber I go. It was a good experience, I came out feeling much better then expected. My back, my left neck/shoulder, my elbows, my wrist, and hands hurt before entering. When I walked out, stepped into my car, right away I noticed no pain. My poor upper body limbs felt lighter and more flexible and alot less painful. I’m assuming the swelling went down since I could move more freely. I’m so glad I went in. I plan on returning and look forward for several more treatments. I even refered a coworker who has been in a battle with our workers comp office. Thanks SD Cryotherapy!

Lupita N.

My husband and I came and got the full body treatment. My husband hurt his back a couple years ago and this REALLY made his back FEEL 100 TIMES better!! It gave him lots of energy and made me feel really relaxed. Joe and Kendra are amazing and explain everything and make sure all your questions are answered. The staff there is awesome as well, we will def. be going back this place is amazing!!!

Briana M.

Awesome place! Fantastic staff; Joseph and Kendra, the owners, are excited and ready to answer any and all your questions about treatments. The technicians, Andi and Briana, are very professional, positive, and eager to help and make you feel comfortable! I suffer from neurocardiogenic syncope and extremely low blood pressure and the cryosauna treatments have helped immensely with the symptoms. The service is great and the price is very reasonable. I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!!

Christina C.

Very professional staff. Great soothing atmosphere. I can’t get enough of this place and what they offer. I work on roofs installing solar panels so I get wore out from very long labor intensive days. this perks me up no problem and I feel refreshed and recovered every time. I definetly recommend this to all, athletic or even just out working a lot and need something to help recovery from stressful days. Big thumbs up!!

Daniel L.

I had no idea Cryotherapy was readily available to the general public until now. So being the curious cat that I am, I HAD to check this place out, and I’m sure glad I did! I requested a Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment for $55.00, plus a Cryotherapy Facial Treatment for $45.00, and I was pleasantly surprised when the owner informed me they were currently offering a 1st time customer special until the end of the month, which was “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, so my Cryofacial was FREE! After receiving the Whole Body Cryotherapy Treatment, I felt amazing, it was like a mad rush of euphoria flooding through my body! The owner said it was because my body was releasing plenty of endorphins throughout. The Cryofacial was another pleasant experience, and it included the scalp and neck areas. The technician started the process on my scalp, which felt like cool heavenly tingling all over my head. On my face, it also felt very nice and cool, and I could literally feel my skin tighten up, especially on the forehead area. The Cryofacial was so relaxing that I almost dozed off. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, but I literally felt like the Cryotherapy had completely sucked all the stress from my body! That night ended up being the best and deepest night of sleep I’ve had in a long time, I slept like a baby and my relaxed, feel good effects lasted for 2 days. I highly recommend Cryotherapy treatments, it’s the ultimate chillaxin experience!

C D.

Cryotherapy for the first time . I would recommend everyone to try. The staff was friendly , very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions. Also had a cryofacial . It was very relaxing and my skin feels great .. Highly recommend .Bree was so professional .

Maria N.

I did this for my arthritic hands but my hip improved and I’ve actually lost weight! The owners Kendra and Joseph are knowledgable and very accommodating- I was a big baby the first time I did Tyne whole body treatment and could t do the full three minutes! But Kendra coached me through it and you can’t argue with the results! I highly recommend this business.

Cynthia T.

Wow! The 3 mins of discomfort was worth it! I have herniated disks and the pain melted away for the rest of the day. I felt great. I can’t wait to go back again.

Elena B.

My first time to cryotherapy, wasn’t sure what to expect! This place is great! The staff, very professional, very clean. They did a great job of explaining the process, what to do, etc. I will definitely be back, very interested to see how this treatment effects my training!

Matt E.

I decided to try this today after my girlfriend swore this helped her tremendously. Well, she was right.

I was involved in a major motorcycle accident about 7 months ago. I sustained some major injuries to my leg/foot and I am currently still going through physical therapy. I asked my doctor about this place, he said he’d never heard of this procedure. He told me to try it.

Joseph (the owner) and his wife explained how this procedure helps the body. This sounded like it was for me. I’m glad I stopped by. I had walked in with pain in my ankle and leg. I was able to walk much better without any pain after the procedure was done.

This place is very clean. The employees are very knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend people recovering from any type of injury or pain try this out.

Franco C.

Excellent team and customer service, very very friendly. Love the atmosphere. They make the process very easy, and are incredibly patient when asked to repeat the process, they’re very knowledgeable of what they do and everyone is on the same page. They make you feel extremely comfortable with the treatments and give you quite a few tips on how to make it through the whole 3 minutes in the -256F freezing cold. They’re the best in town.

Mimi H.

Best cryotherapy place I have been to. The environment is great, the staff is friendly and the machine is the best one I have used. It’s one of the most signifcant things you can do for your health.

Matthew D.

I had heard about all the benefits of cryotherapy and decided to test it out since I had pulled my hamstring a week ago. I went in and did the 3 minute whole body treatment and walked out feeling like a million bucks! I am a chicken and it did get a little cold for me but I left feeling so great! Joseph and the staff are really nice and you don’t need an appointment. My hamstring is already feeling a lot better! I will definitely do it again!

L R.

Yesterday was my very first time doing the whole body and local wish actually felt amazing on my knee instantly and the very next morning, definitely didn’t feel any pain the next morning.

Perry S.

Let me start by saying that I have been coming here almost daily since they opened earlier this month, and I can’t believe the results! I tend to do some pretty intense workouts, and prior to coming here it was always a struggle to get in more than four per week. Now I find myself working out daily, sometimes even twice per day. The way that cryotherapy accelerates your recovery is amazing. No more constantly aching muscles and legs 24/7. I’ve also noticed an increase in energy, to the point that I found myself drinking less coffee and having more energy.

The setup here is very convenient. Even without appointments they know how to keep things moving so that there’s hardly ever a wait to get in the cryosauna. They are professional and friendly and guide you through the entire process.

With the changes I’ve noticed in just a few weeks, I’m excited to see what will happen over the next few months!

Jason R.

Great experience at San Diego CryoTherapy I’ve been twice now and really notice the benefits. I work out everyday and have been struggling with shin and back pain. The whole body treatment removes almost all pain. Feels like a body reset. Staff is super friendly and explains everything. Highly recommended.

Don D.

I had a great experience at SD Cryotherapy! The owners came out to great me and walked me through the process. They were extremely attentive and genuine. The best part is, I felt great after my session. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Quinn E.

The staff here are incredibly knowledgeable and super friendly. They made the experience so easy. I was a bit nervous at first but after the treatment I was sold. I felt amazing immediately after and that night slept like a baby for the first time in awhile.
I tried the spot treatment, facial, and whole body. I recommend them all. You will enjoy the results.

John D.

Most amazing treatment and the staff Joseph, Kendra and Nate are super knowledgeable and helpful! Fan for life:)

Vu P.

These guys are incredible!! Very knowledgeable and available to educate. I recommend them to all my friends and family.

Joanna M.

All I can say is wow! Stopped into SD Cryo last week to meet Joseph and really just wanted to learn a little more about cryotherapy. Didn’t take long for Joseph to get me in the chamber and experience the cold like I never had before! Did two sessions and enjoyed every second of it. Literally felt like I could run through a wall afterwards. I will be back for sure! Check them out and give it a try. For someone with a plethora of nagging old-age injuries this was exactly what I needed! Thanks Joseph!

Matt G.

I have been experiencing the benefits of cryotherapy for the last couple of months. My son gave me a gift certificate as a present. He thought it might help me with the face pain I have been living with for many years. He was right! Nothing has ever given me such relief. I go as often as I can for a facial. I have extended relief and my pain has even completely subsided for periods of time. Anyone who has suffered from Trigeminal Neuroglia or Atypical Facial pain will know what a phenomenon that is. I don’t even have the words to express my gratitude to my son and to San Diego Cryotherapy for this reprieve. I recommend San Diego Cryotherapy to anyone with an injury as well. I see people on a weekly basis who are finding the process rewarding. The chamber therapy is awesome as well. The people working there are nice and seem to care about you and your needs on an individual basis. It is a comfortable atmosphere.

Dixie K.

I’m a professional fighter and I do many things to recover, but this is by far the best and fastest way to recover from either practice, soreness, to rejuvenate, heal and so much more. It’s crazy how much this has helped me in my training and overall life. I will continue to recommend cryotherapy, mainly this place. It has a great staff and I have a lot of fun there! This is a great place and the first in the San Diego area.

Jose Shorty T.

Very friendly and relaxing environment. I was nervous to try it but Joseph got me totally pumped and explained everything. I got the whole body treatment, it was awesome. …. cold!!!!! … but awesome. It really helped me with my lower back pain. I also got a facial. I’ve gotten facials before, but this was like no other experience. No harsh chemicals, you literally feel your skin tighten, and you get this beautiful glow afterwards. I recommend this to everyone. Whether you’re an athlete or you just want to pamper yourself. Worth the time and the reasonable price.

Yoselin T.

Finally was feeling the effects of playing a lot of sports and lifting weights. I went in for my first time and left feeling energized and revived! Will definitely be back again.

Joe S.

I listened to tim ferriss’s interview with tony robbins and robbins uses cryotherapy as part of his morning routine. So i did more research and decided to give it a shot!

This has helped me with inflammation, sleeping and healing. I’ve noticed that a few hours after cryotherapy, my muscles were not sore anymore. Going to keep trying this out to see the long term effects!

Ron U.

I am a former four year letterman at the university of Notre Dame. I played tennis for the Irish and am well versed at the daily icing ritual and full body ice baths. The benefits of icing are well documented and icing is vital to ensure a prolonged career in any professional or semiprofessional sport. The problem is the amount of time needed to obtain the benefits. For this reason, I decided to try cryotherapy at SDC (takes 3 minutes max) and immediately reaped huge gains. Today I teach tennis full time and for the five hours on the court following cryotherapy, I noticed a complete absence of the chronic arthritis pain in my feet and left ankle.

The personnel are kind, energetic and explain the process patiently. You are literally in and out in 5 minutes. I highly recommend SD Cryotherapy to athletes and non athletes alike.

Trent M.

I’m more than thriled to have san Diego Cryotherapy be my first review. I’ll start off with the fact that the staff there is awesome, welcoming, abs personable. They are the reason I choose their facility.

The first time I tried the cryosauna I was super intimidated, but it went by quickly. It’s helped relieve and speed up my recovery on a torn ligament in my ankle. The experience also has helped me with my tendinitis.

For those intimidated to try cryotherapy, come here and you will have a phenomenal experience. Though it’s a cold experience, your body will appreciate it and you’ll discover that your mentally and stronger than you think. After that you’ll notice yourself wanting to go everyday like me.

Thank you to SD cryotherapy for an epic experience every time I come in.

Gabriel C.

I am an Olympic hopeful for Rio 2016 and am accustomed to doing full body ice baths. However, since I have discovered the team at San Diego Cryotherapy, I have virtually removed ice bathing from my recover regiment. I frequent them several times per week for outstanding service and satisfaction. They are very professional yet entertaining and go above and beyond to create a wonderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone. The benefits are far too numerous to list.

Phaidra K.

I had heard about cryotherapy, but was a little skeptical. After researching the benefits, and seeing how many elite athletes are using this cutting edge therapy, I decided to give it a try. After the first session, I felt the most refreshed physically I have felt in awhile. I also slept better then usual. I now use this consistently and recommend it to my friends.

Rick J.

Amazing. A pill free way to feel better. 3 min, full body “relaxation”. My run time improved the next day. My pinched nerve that I have been dealing with for weeks is finally feeling better, with no drugs.

Great supportive staff, friendly and on their game.

Diane P.

Cryotherapy does a body good! Phenomenal staff, very clean facility, and the process works!

Josie Z.

This place deserves ten stars. Bri the cryotechnician is amazing. Misha, the woman at the front desk is also extremely accommodating and very informative. If your body needs recovery this plce is a must try!

Costa K.

After reading numerous articles on the benefits of cryotherapy I finally decided to try it out. Researched a few locations in San Diego and this was closest to my house. There are no words on how my body feels after a quick 3 min session. Yes it will be hella cold but it goes by so fast it really isn’t that bad. My energy level is on another level now and I can do 2 a day work outs every day without any issues! Love love love this place. The monthly price is sooooooo good too. Other places are very expensive but it’s pretty cheap here. Hey if all the athletes do it I can too!

Serina c.

Amazing experience all together. Great staff- great professionalism- right away I felt completely comfortable. At first I was wary, having never been voluntarily frozen – but after doing the sauna I felt amazing- definitely an unparalleled stress reliever. Slept amazing that night! Tried the facial & loved how relaxing it was. After testing it out several times ((I wanted to I see/feel the acclaimed health benefits for myself)) I jumped on the monthly membership plan. I wanted to see the proof for myself, & I definitely have! The facials have already helped clear my skin {I have lived with angry acne flare ups, but the facials have had an amazing calming effect on my skin!}. *Singing* “And then they froze my face- now I’m a believer…”
Thank-you to the staff at San Diego Cryotherapy for being excellent & informative, & introducing me to a great way to maintain my health & wellness!

Chantal B.

Misha is charming and caring. She takes her time with your treatment answering all questions with ease. The guys all put me at ease and explained the whole process which is pretty simple. And once they freezed me all I wanted to do was go back in. It’s feels fantastic! Love this. Helping my inflammation in my joints. Definitely coming back real soon!!

Alex C.

I went in last weekend and tried cryotherapy for the first time. After reading one or two nightmare articles that have popped up online beforehand, I have to admit that I was hesitant to give this a shot. After a full body session and a facial, I can say that I am very pleased with the experience!

Joseph and the whole team was great. They answered any questions I had, instructed me what to do and Joseph even chatted with me during my session to distract me from the cold. They facility was very clean and each item is washed every use. They are also sure to check your temperature when you get out for safety and offered me tea, a blanket and a space heater to warm back up when I was done.

Christine C.

First time, dont psych yourself! great experience, great staff, clean. Thanks for investing in san diego didnt want to go to LA for it. Will be back.

Faisal N.

My husband has been going to this place for the past month to help ease his chronic pain. He loves it and is not on any medication anymore and his inflammation hasn’t come back. I’ve been doing my research on the benefits of Cryotherapy and decided to give it a try. One thing I hate in life is being cold. However, this wasn’t so bad. I don’t think it was even half as bad as I imagined. It’s only 3 minutes, so it’s totally doable. I can’t wait to go back. I’m actually bummed out that they are closed on Sunday’s. I can’t wait to try the Cryofacial. Also, everyone is so friendly! 5 stars from this girl.

Melissa F.

Amazing!!! Active boxing competitor coming off a labrum tear and Lat reconstructive surgery. Cryotherapy has helped me compete at the highest level prior to work outs to reduce stiffness and pain. Staff is clean, friendly, and very excited to meet your individual needs. Try the facial for therapeutic treat also

Josh S.

I am an athlete/bodybuilder and I also work a 9 to 5 job so you can imagine the type of stress my body can go through. I heard about the benefits of cryotherapy in regards to not only recovery– but more energy and an overall sense of well being and better health. After going to SD Cryotherapy for the last 2 months I’ve never felt better! I used to drink 4 energy drinks per day. Now all I need is one cup of coffee. My sleep is better and my happiness level has gone up too. This is the place to go to improve your health. The staff is amazing, they are incredibly friendly, and it is not overpriced. It’s worth every penny!!

Wendell P.

I bought a living social for my boyfriend, and he loved it. Jo at San Diego Cryotherapy helped him through the whole process and was very informative. My boyfriend made it through the whole 3 minutes and loved every second! His body felt awake and ready go do another hour of jujitsu. He bought another set of 5. He can’t wait to come back. Also the local and facial treatments are out of this world. No more Botox ladys!

Green Q.

This place is awesome!! It’s so futuristic. I go everyday and chill for three minutes. Afterwards I feel invincible. In not even kidding. I can see why elite athletes do this everyday.

Darryl B.

Excellent place! I’m a Runner and my body was feeling pretty worn down and sore! I’ve had a few back to back long runs and speed work. So I decided to FREEZE my body off literally trying out Cryotherapy! 3 mins in -256 degrees! My body is cold often so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was MUCH BETTER than I thought! The staff are excellent!!! The staff person Kendra talked to me the whole time which helped me forget how cold I was. I’m looking forward to going back.

K. L.

Very friendly staff, enjoyed the treatment, felt great afterwards, I’ll be back for sure!

Barbara V.