Relieving Arthritis with Whole Body Cryotherapy

Are you currently suffering from arthritis? Unfortunately, arthritis is common, with more than 100 different types known to exist. However, there is hope: cryotherapy. While this pain treatment may not cure the disease, it can definitely offer some much needed relief. Learn more today, so you can feel better tomorrow! Whole Body Cryotherapy will help you!

The Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

As stated above, there are many different types of arthritis; however, the two most commonly diagnosed are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

When the cartilage loses its elasticity, osteoarthritis is known to have occurred. During this process, the cartilage can become stiff, making it more prone for damages. Pain is caused when tendons and ligaments become stretched. Later on, bones may rub against each other, causing even more trouble.

Rheumatoid arthritis refers to an inflammatory form of arthritis. Specifically, the synovial membrane is attacked, causing swelling and severe pain. If symptoms go ignored or untreated, then a deformity is likely to take place.

It’s now recommended that those suffering from arthritis to explore the options of whole body cryotherapy. Originally developed in Japan in the late 1970s, the benefits of this treatment have only increased over the years. These benefits include:

  • The decrease of inflammation
  • An increase in metabolism
  • Higher performance levels
  • A decrease in both chronic pain and fatigue
  • An overall boost in happiness
  • Collagen production becomes more prominent

It’s also been stated that with cryotherapy, less chemicals are released into the joints, meaning aches and pains decrease. During the process, swelling has also been known to go down.

Cryotherapy: The Process

Cryotherapy involves a three-step process, which includes the use of nitrogen to get temperatures to drop to a range of -180F to -240F. Gloves, hats, and other articles are handed out to better protect certain areas of the body while you’re in the chamber.

In the cryochamber, temperatures will drop, during which blood vessels and muscle tissue will begin constricting, leading blood to travel to your core. Once the blood reaches the core, it will work as a filtration system, helping to rid your body of inflammation. Then, immediately stepping out of the chamber, you should feel a boost of energy, as your body works to reheat your skin and muscles. During the next 48 hours, you’re likely to feel relief from the various strains of pains of arthritis.

Remember, one treatment may not be sufficient. Consider multiple cryotherapy sessions to alleviate as much of your pain as possible. Depending on your specific type of arthritis, or its stage, you may want to discuss options with your doctor.

Get the Cold Treatment

If you’re battling any form of arthritis, we offer our deepest sympathies. While this may be a painful and difficult time, it’s possible that you could benefit from pursuing whole body cryotherapy. While this innovative treatment may not be able to completely cure your disease, it does offer relief. With just a few quick treatments, you could feel the best you’ve felt in years.

Come experience a natural pain reliever

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