How to Recover from Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow can occur due to persistent overuse of tendons and muscles of the forearm near the elbow. Many different activities can cause it, although it is traditionally associated with the game of tennis. Lateral epicondylitis, as the medical profession calls it, is well suited for cryotherapy treatment. This can help you recover from tennis elbow without intrusive treatment and get back to normal sooner.

How Do I Know if I Have Tennis Elbow

You may have recently overworked your affected arm. If you do not play tennis, think back over the past few days. Perhaps you were chopping firewood or standing on a ladder painting the ceiling. Interestingly enough, piano and violin players can also experience these symptoms. The pain is most likely to be severe:

  • When twisting your arm to open a jar or turn a door handle
  • When bending or lifting your arm to reach out to something
  • Even when holding something small, like a computer mouse

The traditional way to recover from tennis elbow is to rest the affected limb by immobilizing it in a sling. This hardly suits our modern lifestyle. Thank heavens modern science developed faster, localized cryotherapy.

How Would Cryotherapy Help Me Recover from Tennis Elbow

We’ll get to that in a moment. First, we need to explain the condition behind the pain. You have managed to overwork the muscles attached to your elbow that you use to straighten your wrist. This has strained the muscles and tendons to the extent you have caused tiny tears, or lesions on the outside of your elbow.
These in turn have led to inflammation, which is causing the pain you feel. Now you understand why you feel the symptoms, let’s move on to explaining how localized cryotherapy can help you recover from tennis elbow. The good news is help is at hand – pardon the pun.

Cryotherapy simply means the application of very cold temperatures to tissue damage resulting from overuse. It decreases inflammation by slowing down the body’s natural responses, while reducing pain and muscular spasms. This is a common way of treating sports injuries on the field using ice packs and aerosol sprays.

Localized cryotherapy takes it one step further. The advanced technology allows to treat your affected elbow with precision. You should feel some immediate relief from your pain. In fact, you could completely recover in a few days.
However you should refrain from the activity that caused the condition for a few weeks. Something else to consider is changing your technique when exercising in the way that caused the problem in the first place. By listening to your body, you may never need to recover from tennis elbow again.

Recover. Rejuvenate. Revitalize

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