Pro Football Injuries: How the Big Guys Cope

Football season comes and goes fast for those who follow it closely, but pro football injuries can linger for quite some time for professional players. The fear of not being able to play in an upcoming season is imminent. This is their profession, their livelihood and the big guys have to enroll in some professional sports recovery techniques to ensure a future for themselves.

Common Pro Sports Injuries

The level of training and competition in professional sports takes a toll on the body. The players are tough, but despite a higher pain threshold and heavy protective gear, injuries are part of the game. Knees and ankles suffer from repeated impacts, shoulders are dislocated, hamstrings are torn, not to mention concussions that can range from mild to severe. Blows to the head have become a major concern for football players

Read San Diego Cryotherapy’s article about using cryo to treat concussions.

How Do NFL Players Treat Football Injuries?

In a Sports Illustrated article published on December 2016, NFL players talked about their painful and gritty recovery routines that take place post-game when the Sunday night lights are off and we don’t get a pass for the backstage of this pro football players. Some of them are left with pain and injuries and need to recover as fast as possible to keep training. On this article, NFL players describe how they spend most of their Mondays “putting themselves back together”.

If their pain level is less than 10, Mondays usually start with a massage session. They also do swimming, hot tubs, cold tubs and cryotherapy. They stretch, they rest and they play video games.
Some other recovery methods include salt bath, stretching, and Electronic Muscle Stimulation.

Whole Body Cryotherapy takes the cold bath to a whole new level. Since the body benefits from the hot-cold shock to increase blood circulation, WBC helps with only a few minutes inside the cold chamber.
Even Cristiano Ronaldo, pro soccer player, uses cryotherapy to recover. He bought a cryo chamber and installed it at his house.
How does it work? The protective response of the body to the cold triggers the natural release of analgesic chemicals to relieve the pain. The procedure also stimulates the anti-inflammatory process and allows tissues to heal faster and the improved blood flow post-session helps the body get rid of toxins.

The neuromuscular effects of whole body cryotherapy, meaning the decreased sensation of pain, gives pro players more time to enjoy their time to rest and unwind before they start training again. Their muscles feel less sore in a shorter time.

The big guys use this therapy successfully to treat pro football injuries; what are you waiting for?

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