Why Pro Athletes Like Cryotherapy Chill

Pro Athletes get hurt, it comes with the territory, but why, in spite of all the other methods of healing. Why pro athletes like Cryotherapy Chill ? Professional athletes has very little downtime, they have to train every single day, all day; that is what they do. Even though their body, their tendons, ligaments and their muscles are used to being treated that way, from strained muscle to sprained ankle or more serious injuries, they still experience pain. The difference is that they do have to recover quickly and perfectly in order to be ready for the next competing event.

Ways for Pro Athletes to recover

Massage therapy: clinical massages such as stretching, trigger-point therapy, lymphatic drainage, and myofascial release techniques are proving effective.

Anti-inflammatories reduce the pain and inflammation and even though they the pain, it helps them going back to training sooner.

Alternative ways such as dry needling are being used. Reminiscent of acupuncture, long needles are inserted through the skin to the muscle or in/around the inflamed area. Some say it’s painless, others find it unbearable.

Why more and more pro athletes like cryotherapy

Because Hollywood stars and pro athletes like cryotherapy more and more, doesn’t mean that it’s a just a phase, a fad, and that it will go away. The cryotherapy chill is here to stay because it works. When you are injured and you need a specific part of your body to go back to work, you don’t have time for fads, you need results.
Cryotherapy reduces inflammation more efficiently than a simple ice bath and activates an essential nervous system response, making your body heal faster. That is why pro athletes like cryotherapy:

  • They recover faster
  • It improves their performance
  • It prevents relapses from muscular and inflammatory pathologies

Even though local cryotherapy targets a specific area and accelerates the reduction of the swelling, pain and inflamation of this particular zone, pro athletes mostly use the Whole Body Cryotherapy. They stand in a cylindrical chamber for 2.5 minutes while 200 degrees below zero air is released around them. That cannot be for pleasure, right? It must be because it works.

Like the rest of us, when injured, high performance athletes practice R.I.C.E. (Rest Ice Compression Elevate). Except in their case the Ice stage is taken to another level.
Unlike the rest of us, they heal faster, why? When they get hurt, they are immediately surrounded and monitored by specialists, go through a battery of tests such as X rays and MRI right away, have fast results and the best treatments. It all goes with the job. If pro athletes like cryotherapy for its benefits, there is no reason why we shouldn’t like it as well.

Whether you need to improve overall well being, are looking for a painless physical therapy after an injury or surgery, or need to quickly be in shape before your next fitness session, San Diego Cryotherapy is the place to visit.

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