Feel the Freeze: Cryotherapy and Nerve Damage Relief

How to reduce nerve damage pain

Nerve damage pain can affect you no matter who you are or how old you are. It can come from anywhere like strains, sprains, cuts, and tears, from disease or from aging. Whatever the reason, there is nothing fun about it. It slows us down and prevent us from doing our favorite things. For years, the general mantra has been R.I.C.E— rest, ice, compression and elevation. For a sprained ankle recovery R.I.C.E. is sound advice. Although all of these have the benefits, these days advances in cryotherapy mean you can find some truly excellent nerve damage relief.

What are the Benefits

There are many unknown benefits to cryotherapy. So what exactly is it that cryotherapy does? Cryotherapy is just a fancy way of using cold to treat pain. When you ice down an injury that’s cryotherapy. Although these days, it generally refers to the practice of using specialized machines that utilize ultra-low temperatures that can truly address the root of the problem.

Cold therapy lowers the skin temperature which is important in reducing swelling (which is also one of the leading causes of bone disease). It is equally important for nerves and works by slowing them down. When we experience nerve pain, part of the problem is how fast are nerves fire which is why you feel that shooting pain. By using cold, it slows them down thus mitigating that sensation.

Managing Pain

Up until recently, the main way we used cold to treat pain was just placing ice on the affected area. The problem is that isn’t really that cold nor does it go as deep as we might want it. It’s more of a band-aid approach. Better than nothing, but still not great. And of course, ice melts so you often left with a puddle of water on the floor that you have to clean.

With cryotherapy, nerve damage relief is taken to a completely new level. You are placed inside a cold chamber where the affected area is specific area is targeted. Then things get cold. Really cold as in up to minus 140 degrees Celsius.

Everybody is different so how long a session lasts depends both on the person and the nature of the ailment. But don’t worry! Generally, the treatment is for a short amount of time between 5-15 minutes and despite this incredibly cold temperature the machine produces, you’ll never actually feel cold. Instead, your pain will be reduced and if you follow a weekly routine of 2-3 times per weeks, it is possible to minimize it completely and get better sooner.

Get the Right Treatment

Cryotherapy has been a mainstay for nerve pain relief in Europe and Japan for over a generation. It just now becoming more popular in the US where its use among athletes has trickled out to the rest of the population. In addition to nerve damage relief, it has also been proven to help keep your bones healthy.

Whether you are suffering from a sports injury, accident, or any kind of pain, cryotherapy can get you back on the right track. This means you can see faster recovery and get back to the healthiest version of yourself possible!

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