Modern Technologies to Treat Cellulite

These days, there are several technologies to treat cellulite. Whether you have cellulite on your legs or hips and buttocks, it’s possible to get rid of it and feel confident about your appearance again. Let’s take a look at some of effective treatments for those unsightly dimples.

Popular Technologies that Treat Cellulite


During this treatment, a small laser tube is inserted under your skin to minimize the appearance of cellulite. When the laser is in n, it heats up and slowly melts the fat pockets away. The procedure takes one to one and half hour to complete. This procedure to treat cellulite has been approved by the FDA. While considered safe, it’s still somewhat invasive (local anesthesia is required and the skin is cut), with the consequences it implies: risk of infection, bruising and scarring. After the treatment, it’s recommended to avoid doing strenuous activities for at least a week, adding to inconvenience.

Radial Shockwave

Radial shockwave therapy (Z Wave for one) is one of the other reportedly effective technologies to treat cellulite. The treatment involves sending high energy shockwaves to the affected area to stimulate collagen production and tighten connective tissues, hence reducing the appearance of cellulite. Z Wave actually causes the tissue around the cellulite to break apart, giving the skin a smoother look. Depending on how much cellulite you have, it may take up to 10 sessions of this treatment to get the results you desire.


Endermologie has been around for years. It is a type of massage that involves rolling a vacuum-like hand piece over your skin to improve circulation and drain fluid, ultimately smoothing cellulite. It’s among the most popular ways to treat cellulite and has minimal risk. Sessions may be a bit painful and bruising can occur, but it presents the advantages of draining the lymph and improving blood circulation.

New Tech on The Block

Whole Body Cryotherapy

It turns out that whole body cryotherapy can do more than relieve sore muscles. If you stand inside a cold chamber, the freezing temperatures can activate collagen production throughout your body and helps repair broken skin, reducing cellulite and effectively flushing away cellular waste and toxins. Blood flow is greatly improved, which is a major benefit since cellulite is often associated with poor circulation. The idea of standing in a cold chamber might sound intimidating, but it is a safe treatment. You will only be in the chamber for a maximum of three minutes, so hypothermia is impossible.
The benefits of cryotherapy go well beyond aesthetics.

Cellulite is a plague for many women. Technology has come a long way to help treat cellulite, but is no substitute for healthy habits: balanced meals, hydration and regular physical activity.

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