Benefits of a Liquid Nitrogen Facial Treatment

Liquid Nitrogen Facial Treatment

Cold, cold, cold. It is one of the most frequently used health therapy’s in the world today. From cold brew coffee to cold-pressed oils and even the increasing popularity of cold showers, cold has its benefits. It makes sense. Harnessing the power of cold has been used for hundreds of years. Thinking about any time you have suffered an injury, one of the first things you grab is a block of ice to relieve sore muscles, decrease muscle swelling, and increase the pace of recovery. Liquid nitrogen facial treatment is the same concept. We use this same proven power of cold, simple target to the face and neck.


How Does it Work?

If the word liquid nitrogen facial treatment make you imagine something similar to either jumping into an icy pond in Minnesota or something out of a sci-fi movie where people are cryogenically frozen then thinks again! There are many benefits of cryotherapy. This is a painless and non-invasive procedure that uses cryotherapy to help you feel great.


What happens first is we rapidly cool your skin through the use of a vaporized liquid nitrogen beam with our state of the art technology. This only takes a couple of minutes and results to an increase in microcirculation bloodstream and also to a dilation of the blood vessel and connective tissues in your face and neck helping to eliminate toxins and impurities from the skin.


What are the Effects on My Skin?

Cryotherapy has been proven to assist in treating skin conditions. The whole process is designed to improve microcirculation. Think about it like this. A healthy circulatory system is a sign of a body that is in good shape. The same thing applies on a small scale and through this process collagen production is encourage while detoxing and rejuvenating your skin making it look and feel great!


Some of the Many Benefits of the Treatment

There are so many benefits to a liquid nitrogen facial treatment. From the beginning, it helps restore your skin’s elasticity giving it better fitness and radiance. At the same time, it can be used to reduce pigmentation to help even your skin tone.

It is also a form of holistic pain relief that can be used to treat various ailments one can suffer from. It can also be used to treat acne scars, as well as more difficult conditions like eczema among others. Best of all, the treatment only takes ten minutes, and there is no recovery time for anything. After it’s done, you’ll be ready to get back to your day and take care of whatever needs to get done.

Safety is always our number one concern. You can rest assured that liquid nitrogen facial treatments are very safe. They are non-invasive, painless, and require no sedation or recovery time. If you have had recent health issues, you’ll want to disclose these as you would any procedure, but generally, the treatment is well-suited for nearly everyone!


The Quickest Facial Out There

Who doesn’t love a good facial? With today’s technology, they have gotten better than ever. So, if you want to look and feel great while seeing some fantastic results, then nothing beats a liquid nitrogen facial treatment. You’ll be in and out of our offices in ten minutes, and your skin will be fresh, rejuvenated and, best of all, radiant.

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