Sick of Being Sick? 5 Ways To Improve Immune System Health

When you work to improve immune system functions, you’re doing your body a whole lot of good. Health is wealth and keeping your immune system strong helps your body fight off infection and keep your processes running smoothly. Self health and care is important, especially living in a world full of unhealthy food choices, air pollution, and high stress levels. You may have noticed yourself getting sicker but what can we change in order to get better, stronger and healthier?

Our digestive tracts are responsible for about 80% our immune system function. Millions of different types of bacteria reside in our gut and help break down our food into absorbable nutrients and energy. Trust your gut. Keep it healthy and you’ll stay healthy. It’s Important to keep the good bacteria in order to fight the bad bacteria and yeast trying to wreak havoc our system.

The Signs of a Poor Health

Your body is the best indicator. Maybe there’s a new ache or sore. Don’t ignore the signs that something may be wrong. Take action right away. Inaction just as destructive as actively engaging in bad habits. Being overweight, overindulging in foods rich in sugars and fats, poor self-hygiene, being stressed, and lack of sleep are all passive destructive habits to your health.

Immunodeficiency poses a real threat to your health. It is imperative to build and improve immune system functioning throughout your life. Immunodeficiency can trigger recurring illness and symptoms including – cold and flu, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, shingles, cancer, etc.

Take Steps to Improve Immune System Health

Watch What You Eat

Staying healthy is all about nutrition. You are what you eat. Would you rather be a vibrant and colorful plate of crunchy vegetables and fruits or a sopping salty pile of fat? Choosing the right food can help boost your immune system. Choose lean sources of protein, raw garlic, mushrooms, and beware of added sugars that stimulate yeast and bacterial growth.

Supplemental Nutrition

Essential vitamins and minerals are best absorbed by eating foods rich in them, but if you just can’t seem to eat enough of the good stuff supplements are a good addition to your diet. Essential vitamins and minerals include vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, calcium, folic acid and many more. It can help to speak with your doctor or a nutrition expert about your specific diet needs because they may differ depending on your gender, age and lifestyle. But antioxidants are absolutely indispensable for immune system health. A surefire way to get essential vitamin D is to remember to get outside into the sunshine for at least 20 minutes a day.

Improve Your Lifestyle Choices

Increased alcohol consumption and smoking have been linked to weakening immune system functions and increasing one’s risk to lung infections. Quit while you’re ahead.

Rest Easy

Not getting enough rest and sleep is extremely detrimental to your health. Sleep allows your body to rest and reset itself and the set of processes it undergoes during sleep is entirely different than your awake state. Clocking more time sleeping has many benefits, including stress reduction, improved concentration, weight management, overall health and wellness, and it also helps improve immune system functioning.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Some of the many benefits of cryotherapy include improved circulation and release of toxins from many of your body’s tissues. Your body essentially does an entire system reboot and reassessment during whole body cryotherapy. The effects can be felt almost immediately after, with feelings of euphoria, re-energization, and vitality, but become longer lasting with regular cryotherapy sessions.

Our immune system becomes weaker with age. Being proactive about your health now helps make sure your body doesn’t pay later. Follow these guidelines to improve immune system functions. Get outside, exercise regularly, eat good food, and schedule regular WBC sessions.

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