Fountain Of Youth: Celebrities In The Cryotherapy Chamber

Move over, Ponce de Leon, celebrities have discovered a new fountain of youth in the cryotherapy chamber. Using low temperatures instead of water, it too is believed to reverse the aging process and cure sickness. Professional athletes and Hollywood stars are proclaiming their enthusiasm for engulfing themselves in three minutes of deep freeze.

Cryotherapy Chamber

Instagrammed Cryotherapy Chambers

Derek Hough, from Dancing With The Stars, posted an Instagram photo of himself in the doorway of a cyrotherapy chamber, holding a towel at his waist and wearing only a mask and gloves. Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans shared his Instagram picture in the lobby of Cryohealthcare Clinic in Los Angeles, with the caption, “Straight Outta Cryo.” Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram pic shows her and her friend Brittany Byrd emerging from a cryotherapy chamber in bikinis, masks and hysterical laughter.

Basketball great Shaquille O’Neal’s Instagram account boasts a photo of his head, neck and shoulders protruding from a cryotherapy sauna, surrounded in frozen fog. Dwayne Wade, of the Miami Heat, wears a robe, gloves and a mask in his Instagram picture in front of a cryotherapy chamber. UFC’s mixed martial artist Holly Holm Instagrammed herself popping out of a cryotherapy sauna with a puppet on her hand to keep it warm.

Cryo Paparazzi

Demi Moore’s picture was snapped as she left Cryohealthcare Clinic in Beverly Hills, which advertises whole body cryotherapy and a life-sized poster of a cryotherapy chamber in its front window. Photographs of boxer Floyd Mayweather, taken in and around several different cryotherapy chambers, are circulating on the internet.
Jennifer Aniston is said to be a fan of the cryotherapy chamber, and a photo of her advertising cryo may or may not prove that assertion.

Home Sweet Cryotherapy Chamber

Cryotherapy Chamber

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has a personal cryotherapy chamber at his home, according to the Huffington Post. Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly bought one for his home as well. Padraig Harrington, professional golfer, has posted Instagrams of himself in his garage using his own cryotherapy unit.

In the privacy of their own homes or in a professional facility with trained personnel, celebrities have embraced cryotherapy. Whether to heal injuries and improve appearance, or to just get a rush of adrenaline, this latest fad is spreading fast. The fountain of youth may very well be in a cryotherapy chamber.

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