The Essential Cryotherapy Effects on Health

There are a large number of cryotherapy effects that provide benefits to people with a variety of conditions. While it is somewhat of a mysterious, or even taboo process, cryotherapy is safe, having been refined for decades, and the results cannot be denied. From aesthetics to efficiency, cryotherapy does it all.

The basics of cold treatment

Cryotherapy, though centuries old, is as of late undergoing a resurgence of popularity as a treatment option for a number of ailments. It is effective for pain and soreness relief, but also for more advanced and in depth procedures known as cryosurgery. Ultimately, the application of low temperatures serves to inhibit inflammation, harmful cell growth, and enhance blood flow to targeted areas. A typical full body cryotherapy session lasts only two to three minutes, generates a tolerable level of cold, and poses little risk to the user.

The cryotherapy effects on health are so positive that the medical community is somewhat baffled. As are we, that it took so long to migrate from Europe (where it has been used for a long time) to the States. While research and studies on the matter are still in early stages, some case studies have already started populating professional publications. The fact that ice baths have been a popular method of recovery for pro athletes only brings water to the cryotherapy mill.

Cryotherapy effects on health

A number of benefits have been associated with cryotherapy. Regular users of cryotherapy chambers report reduced pain throughout their bodies, as well as a reduction of soreness, particularly after workouts. Others reported a reduction in post workout fatigue, higher levels of energy, and a reduction of swelling in joints and muscles. What is perhaps most beneficial, however, is the time saved by cryotherapy. Unlike simple ice or gel packs, which must be prepared, used, swapped out and prepared again, cryotherapy chambers are prepped and ready to go and maintain a more significant area of coverage for a longer period of time. This in turn speeds recovery for the injured and allows them to return to their regimens more quickly.

Metabolism, skin, blood circulation, joints, muscles, even mood are the main winners of a session in the chamber. Users themselves say so, and little is ever truer than when it comes from the horse’s mouth…

As a post workout practice for athletes, or a relatively painless procedure for medical issues, or even for general health and wellness, cryotherapy effects provide essential health benefits. It’s, you might say, refreshingly positive.

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