Cryotherapy Reviews: What People Say, What We Believe


As cryotherapy continues to grow in popularity, you might find yourself wanting to try it and wondering which cryotherapy reviews are legitimate, and which ones are not. There’s a lot of buzz out there, with people touting the benefits and others swearing that it is nothing but hassle and danger – or just a complete waste of time and comfort. Even the FDA has famously questioned the legitimacy of cryotherapy. So where does that leave you?

Cryotherapy Reviews: Asking Around

While cryotherapy started out as a medical procedure to assist patients with ailments and improve surgery techniques, in the western world, it has become a popular post workout treatment for athletes and bodybuilders. To that end, it makes sense to hear what they have to say about cryotherapy.  The most commonly reported effects of cryotherapy are, understandably, feeling cold and numb, which helps to remedy pain and inflammation. This tends to help athletes feel better faster after their workouts.

“Cryotherapy works great for athletic and sports performance. After a long week of training with aches and pain, I had very little pain and discomfort after one session. Can’t wait for more. “

Some who have experienced cryotherapy say, however, that they’ve not noticed these benefits, or otherwise have not felt impacted by the experience.

Cryotherapy Reviews: Asking Your Body

When it comes to cryotherapy reviews, typically the studies suggest that it is not very helpful- or in some cases, actually harmful. Ultimately, there is always room for more testing. In the meantime, however, many people have undergone cryotherapy with no ill effects and reported a sense of wellness:

Can’t say enough good things about San Diego cryotherapy! Such down to earth, friendly, helpful and professional staff! Cryotherapy has really changed my life in that it has significantly reduced my arthritis pain and inflammation and everytime I go in I get a healthy rush of endorphins which lasts for hours after I leave. So grateful I found this place and strongly recommend it to my friends and family.

It’s possible that the process is part psychological in nature- that the cold chill helps people overlook their pain, or more thoroughly enjoy the cryotherapy process, similar to a placebo effect. With that in mind, if you’re considering the use of cryotherapy, the most important concern is ensuring that it feels beneficial to you (and, of course, that you take all appropriate safety measures).

Ultimately, while the cryotherapy reviews will continue to hash out exactly how useful cryotherapy is, it’s up to the individual user to determine the benefits it holds for them. If you find that cryotherapy helps you to feel better, and causes no adverse effects, then there seems no reason to avoid it.

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