The Technology Behind (inside, under) a Cryotherapy Chamber

Cryotherapy involves exposing one’s body to ultra-low, sub-zero temperatures (usually between -190 and -256 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few minutes (1.5-3 minutes) within a cryotherapy chamber. The chamber itself encapsulates the body leaving the head exposed while liquid nitrogen vapors work their magic. Clients are given protective clothing (e.g., cotton socks, underwear, and gloves) as an added safety measure before entering the cryotherapy chamber. Liquid nitrogen on its own can cause burning of the skin and irritation, but contact with the vapors is completely harmless. The cold is dry in characteristic and tolerable, with some reporting the feeling of prickling towards the end of the session.


The Effects of a Cryotherapy Chamber


The cryo-chamber, lowers your body temperature at a rapid rate, causing blood from your extremities to rush to your core to protect your vital organs, during this time your blood vessels will also undergo vasoconstriction (shrinking). Pumping the blood into your central body, with its close proximity to the heart, allows it to be re-oxygenated at a higher rate. Upon exiting the cryotherapy chamber your blood vessels expand (vasodilation) and the newly oxygenated blood enriched with endorphins is forced into different muscle tissues and regions. Many people claim to feel a rush of energy and pain-killing sensation post-treatment, this may be due to the analgesic effect of the rapid release of endorphins.


Benefiting from Cryotherapy

There are a host of benefits claimed by treatments using cryotherapy chambers, but the most important is its anti-inflammatory effects. Many athletes feel increased alleviation of muscle soreness and better recovery times that rival the similar effects produced by ice baths. Other effects may include improved blood circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, as well as pain reduction from diseases like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. It will also help some smooth out cellulite, assist with weight loss, and even burn calories. Some also assert that this treatment also stimulates the autonomic nervous system (ANS), mainly activating the parasympathetic nervous system – the area in charge of conserving energy and slowing heart rates. There is no limit as to how many times you can receive cryotherapy in a week. In fact, going in multiple times a week can help heal your body faster.


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Anyone is eligible for cryotherapy including athletes, the elderly, people looking to alleviate any pain symptoms. San Diego Cryotherapy offers various cryo treatments, including whole body cryotherapy, cryofacials, and localized cryotherapy. Come to experience the benefits for yourself at our office by making an appointment today!

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