Happy or Not Happy? Cryotherapy and Brain Messengers

Are you interested in learning about brain chemical messengers? Interestingly enough, there are scientific factors that can determine your happiness. It goes without saying that the brain is a powerful tool – perhaps the most powerful tool the human brain has to offer. From messages received to messages sent, the brain is a surprising organ that never seems to stop.

And that’s just the beginning!

What Do You Know about Neurotransmitters?

Everyone wants to be happy, right? Isn’t happiness an emotion we all strive for? However, is it really possible to create your own happiness, or is it all left up to science?

Believe it or not, this idea originally began back in 1977, after scientists discovered something important: tools were uncovered that detailed the inner workings of the brain. Specifically, it was revealed that vital chemicals actually carry messages between brain cells. During this process, brain cells are able to “talk” to one another.

Even more significant, is the fact that on a simple, “normal” (whatever that means) day, trillions of messages are not only sent, but always received. As fitting as it sounds, the messages that are happy or upbeat, are carried by the brain’s “Happy Messengers” – technically, these happy messengers are known as Biogenic Amine/Endorphin Systems.

There are three different Happy Messengers: serotonin, noradrenalin, and dopamine. These three messengers each have their own goal or agenda. For example, serotonin allows you to sleep. Noradrenalin gives you energy, and dopamine can make you feel both pleasure and pain.

In the same respect, messages that are quiet or more of the somber nature, are carried by the brain’s “Sad Messengers.” It’s quite normal (that word again!) for nerve centers to receive input from both types of messengers. If input is balanced, then (more or less) you’ll be balanced!

Not Always that Simple

Of course, there is a gray area – a big gray area, also known as “stress.” When there is too much stress going on in your life, then Happy Messengers fall behind. When this fail takes place, the brain chemical messengers received are mostly sad ones, resulting in a brain chemical imbalance. Then, a person is considered to be “overstressed”.

You are most likely already familiar with the signs of being overstressed or overworked: feeling terrible, tired, unable to sleep or rest, aches and pains, and having little to no energy. Particularly, you will find that it’s hard to sleep, as well as get a thorough night’s rest. For example, you will wake up often throughout the night, and have vivid dreams. With a lack of energy comes the desire to get things done, the ability to enjoy simple things, and an overall feeling of depression.

Where Does Cryotherapy Have a Role?

Among the chemicals that tell our brain we are feeling good, are the endorphins. The body naturally produces that hormone, and production increases when we crank up our activity level (for example, when we work out). The cold also has that production-boost effect. The endorphins are powerfully released throughout the body after a cryotherapy session, and last longer than the treatment itself.
As a result, Whole Body Cryotherapy is not only a potent pain reliever, it also directly and positively impacts our stress level, sleeping patterns, and mood. Feeling depressed? Go for a chill.

Avoid the Negative

In this day and age, it’s not always possible to take the time to relax. We’re busy working, managing kids and social responsibilities. Pausing long enough to meditate looks like an extravagant option. Going for a run (though we know how beneficial it is), requires energy we sometimes lack. In under 10 minutes, you can get both a boost of energy and a dose of happiness. Brrr… it sounds wonderful.

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