Cryotherapy and CryoFacials™: the best kept beauty secrets

If Cleopatra could use Cryotherapy and CryoFacials™, she would, for she was rumored to keep many beauty secrets ! We all want to look better and younger. We all want to feel better and feel younger, for that matter. We do not, however, want to do under the knife or put ourselves through periodic injections of scary substances. Fortunately, the technology that was until now exclusive to the medical field or pro-athletes is available to us: therapy by the (very) cold is proving amazing for a younger, better-looking skin.

Whole body cryotherapy: beauty secret for a smooth skin all over

We don’t introduce cryotherapy anymore. We know the extreme cold provokes a constriction of the blood vessels to protect our core temperature. When we get back to normal heat (above freezing, thankfully after only a few minutes), the vessels dilate and open the gates for oxygen and nutrients to travel, along with draining the lymphatic system of waste and toxins. There is the beauty secrets. We’ve read thousands of articles explaining why our skin loses tightness (age, lack of exercise, hormone changes…). Improper blood flow creates islets of cellulite, poor oxygenation leaves the skin looking dull, diminished collagen production slackens it.

The whole body cryotherapy procedure takes care of all 3: blood flow boosted, delivery of oxygen taken to a new level and production of collagen-stimulated. The multiple benefits of cryotherapy (for overall health and speedy recovery of the muscles) double with beauty secrets worthy of a queen. It leaves the body feeling better and looking younger.

CryoFacials™: lifting beauty secrets

Cryotherapy takes care of the body, CryoFacials™ take care of our face. A wand delivers the vapors of liquid nitrogen precisely to areas of the face. The cold disturbs the deep layers of collagen and stimulates new production. The same vasoconstriction/vasodilation phenomenon occurs, improving blood flow and detoxifying, and leaves us with smaller pores, tighter skin and smoother lines.

CryoFacials™ are the best beauty secret for multiple reasons. Other than a younger looking skin with no need for surgery, it helps reduce the bags under the eyes, provides stress relief and sharpens focus. The procedure can treat migraines and sinus inflammations and improve the symptoms of chronic skin disorders.
A few minutes under the magic wand or in a cryo booth deliver durable results no cosmetics or  serum can. Cryotherapy and CryoFacials™ are the beauty secret that should not be kept: healthier body, younger and smoother skin and increased energy to go work out.
Whether you are looking for a painless physical therapy, wish to be able to exercise more often, or just want to feel rejuvenated, San Diego Cryotherapy is the place to visit.

The only center in the area to be certified by Cryohealthcare Inc., San Diego Cryotherapy offers cryotherapy and CryoFacial™ services of the utmost quality in terms of technology and safety standards.

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