Chronic Inflammation Causes Diseases. Cryotherapy Can Help

Inflammation is a healthy body response to harm, but chronic inflammation causes diseases. In fact, we can observe a shift in medical research, now focusing more on addressing chronic inflammation to prevent and treat health conditions. This puts cryotherapy on the map for its numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation and helping the body heal and recover from injuries.

How inflammation causes diseases

When we are hurt, the body triggers an immune response. Imagine you cut yourself. Immediately, the body sends a crew of immune cells and calls blood vessels to action to repair the damage and start the healing work: that’s the inflammation process. The body workers will be active as long as it takes for the cut to stop bleeding, regenerate tissues, scab and heal. Interrupting the mission of inflammation would eventually lead to a body that never restores itself.

Where it gets concerning is when inflammation is overactive. The body is unable to regulate the flood of immune response and can’t manage defense cells and damaging hormones. What started as a healthy mission turns into its own enemy and becomes chronic inflammation.
Eventually, chronic inflammation causes diseases and conditions such as allergies and asthma, arthritis, eczema, heart problems and cancer, to name a few. Contrary to its initial purpose, inflammation causes diseases because it reduces autoimmune reactions, destroys cells, causes muscle tension and compresses nerves and damages tissues.

Simply put, the body doesn’t have enough resources to fight alone.

How cryotherapy can help

Inflammation comes from the Latin inflammare, to inflame. Cryotherapy is of Greek etymology and means treat by the cold.  You may say the Greek naturally comes to rescue the Latin (historians would disagree).

In the late 70s, Dr. T. Yamauchi, a japanese rheumatologist, started to use extreme cold treatment on his rheumatoid arthritis patients’ skin. Ever since, cryotherapy has been used in the medical field.

The combined actions of vessels constricting (their response to keep the body core temperature intact)  and enveloping the body in cold air create a natural pain reliever. The body releases anti-inflammatories throughout the blood whose sole goal is to find and soothe the affected areas.

Inflammation causes diseases that come with a myriad of symptoms, from discomfort to incapacitating pain and loss of function. While medication is widely used to attempt treating them, it comes at a price: side effects and chemicals traveling the blood stream. Already weakened by the inflammatory condition, the body has to flush out extra toxins.

Where cryotherapy helps, either in whole body cryosauna or locally, is by giving the whole system a boost. The blood vessels dilate when temperature is back to normal and circulation is dramatically improved to naturally eliminate toxic waste. With relief on several fronts, the body extraordinary mechanic can go back to its self-healing vocation.
The fact that chronic inflammation causes diseases is well recognized and accepted, although the reasons for its presence is still open for discussion. Stress, lifestyle, environment chemical stimuli, nutrition all some factors that lead to excessive inflammation.

Cryotherapy is a non-invasive way to alleviate the swelling and pain that comes with inflammatory health conditions, restore healthy body functions, relieve stress and improve sleep. All benefits that contribute to healing and recovering.
Whether you need to improve overall well being, are looking for a painless physical therapy after an injury or surgery, or suffer from an inflammatory disease, San Diego Cryotherapy is the place to visit.

The only center in the area to be certified by Cryohealthcare Inc., San Diego Cryotherapy offers services of the utmost quality in terms of technology and safety standards.

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