Can Cryotherapy Boost Collagen Production ?

Can cryotherapy naturally and painlessly boost collagen production and alleviate the consequences of loss of collagen due to the aging process? Natural collagen production is a precise mechanic destined to build and provide strength and structure to the whole body. Aging, environmental pollutants and overexposure to the sun contribute to slow down collagen production and lead to a weakening of cartilage and loss of skin elasticity.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Derived from the Greek word “kolla” which means glue, it is keeping our flesh, tissues and cells together.

There are many types of collagen. In essence, its mission is to protect organs, help replace and restore dead skin cells, ensures ligaments are connected to the bones and hold the joints, strengthen blood vessels and keep the skin firm and elastic.

How can cryotherapy boost collagen production ?

The loss of collagen affects the muscles, the joints and the skin elasticity.

Originally exclusive to medical procedures, then gaining popularity with high performance athletes for its pain reducing properties, cryotherapy is becoming available to the public. Today cryotherapy is not just for pain management, but for body and skin rejuvenation as exposition to extreme cold can boost collagen production.

Whenever the body is busy fighting inflammation, injuries or pain, the whole functions are altered to respond to the emergencies, including the ability to produce and synthesize collagen sufficiently. Cryotherapy main benefits are precisely to reduce inflammation and pain and help reconstruct damaged cells. This only is a way to relieve the body of some of its fight against attackers and restore proper functions.
To ensure proper collagen production, the cells need vitamins, minerals and healthy vascular function.

During cryotherapy, blood vessels respond by a quick constriction to keep the core temperature and protect the organs and tissues and a rapid dilation when we are back to normal exterior temperature. By widening the vascular system, blood circulates better. It can eliminate waste and toxins more efficiently and allow the distribution of vitamins and nutrients. Receiving the ingredients they need, the cells are back to work and boost collagen production.

Overall, cryotherapy can boost collagen production just by aiding the metabolism to be able to do its part. Free of distractions such as pain and inflammation, properly nourished with vitamins and essential nutrients, cells are regaining their natural ability to provide the collagen we need in our bones, tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons and skin.

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