Cryotherapy Benefits: Keeping Your Bones Healthy

How to Keep Bones Healthy Through Cryotherapy

Many people hear the words cryotherapy and picture something out of a sci-fi movie. While the technology is highly futuristic, it has an incredible range of everyday benefits. Just starting to gain popularity now in the United States, cryotherapy has been used in Japan and Europe for over 30 years as a way of treating a range of different diseases as well as promoting full body health.

This is why many athletes have long been reaping its benefits, but now it is breaking out into the mainstream. This short guide will explain how cryotherapy treatment can keep your bones healthy and help prevent/mitigate osteoporosis, arthritis, and high blood pressure among a range of other ailments.

How Cryotherapy Works

The very idea of cryotherapy may already have you shivering, but don’t worry! Here’s what happens, you step into a chamber and relax there for roughly 2.5 minutes. In the meantime, nitrogen blasts chill the air to roughly 300 degrees below zero. It’s a lot like an ice bath except actually much more comfortable and with many more health benefits.

What happens is that your body enters the chamber while your head stays out of it. This reduces your skin temperature to about 54 degrees, but your core temperature remains stable. This essentially tricks your body into survival mode thinking it is freezing when it’s not!

This results in your system flushing itself of toxins while your blood rushes to your vital organs collecting oxygen and nutrients along the way improving circulation and promoting whole body health.

Bone Health

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with your bone health. What most people don’t realize is that osteoporosis, arthritis and other conditions are linked to inflammation. It literally goes down to the cellular level where cytokines (think chemicals) disrupt normal functioning. Think about when you get an injury and you ice it down afterward. It’s the same concept just magnified to a much greater extent!

Inflammation is greatly reduced with cryotherapy treatment providing you relief from joint pain and muscle aches. Not only this, the therapy promotes the release of endorphins. Those are those chemicals in your brain linked to numbing pain and lowering inflammation as well as the added benefit of improving your mood.

The science is out there that there are real advantages to this treatment! In fact, a recent German study concluded that whole-body cryotherapy two times per day over a two-month window was linked to a significant reduction in both pain and other issues.

Just One of the Many Benefits of Cryotherapy

Whether you are a high endurance athlete, suffering from bone health problems or just want to promote your overall wellness, cryotherapy is a great option for you. It reduces pain, inflammation and recovery times while improving circulation and other functions. So visit your local cryotherapy center and see the amazing results you can get from it today!

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