8 Reasons You Need To Try Whole Body Cryotherapy In 2018

By now you must have heard of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a procedure where your body is exposed from neck down to cold nitrogen liquid for one and a half to three minutes. This cold therapy with a temperature of -256°F claims to solve a multitude of problems including body pains, improves sleeping patterns, improves metabolism, and makes your skin look younger.

Many celebrities and sports players swear by cryotherapy and resort to this method to alleviate sore muscles and rejuvenate.


Here are 8 reasons why you need to give cryotherapy a try in 2018:

1. Alleviates Inflammation:

One of the main reasons sports players swear by cryotherapy is that the intense cold temperature reduces the inflammation in the muscles by constricting blood vessels, which in turn reduces the blood flow to the inflamed area.

Reduction in inflammation has many long-term benefits, including decreasing the risks of various illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, depression, etc.


2. Promotes Weight Loss

Cryotherapy can also help you lose stubborn fat. Under the cold temperature, our bodies receive a metabolism boost. As your body temperature decreases, your body fights to raise body heat. This kicks up your metabolic rate, which works harder to provide enough energy, hence burning more calories.

After the session, the effects of the metabolism boost last up to 24 hours. To continue to reap the benefits of cryotherapy as a complement to weight loss, we suggest you book several sessions over a short period of time.


3. Improves Skin

Another benefit of cryotherapy is that it claims to give a more youthful skin to its regular users. This can be attributed to the cold boosting the collagen our skin naturally produces, which reduces wrinkles and makes the skin look tighter and refreshed.

It is also a great option for people suffering from skin conditions like eczema, as it helps in minimizing dry skin issues.


4. Boosts A Stronger Immune System

Cryotherapy is known for increasing a body’s natural leptin levels, which leads to a stronger immune system. Other than that, the cold temperature makes the hypothalamus part of the brain to jump into action. Hypothalamus encourages the creation of anti-inflammatory functions of the body, which improves the natural immunity of the body.


5. Improves Muscle Regeneration

The cold temperature is a faster way to reduce muscle soreness than it would be at room temperature. This is almost the same as applying ice packs onto cramps, but it is done all over the body at the same time.


6. Reduces Pain

For people who have health problems with consistent pains, like arthritis, cryotherapy is a great way to reducing the pain.
This treatment can naturally treat chronic migraines, which are reduced by cryotherapy as it numbs the arteries and blood vessels which are irritated, which then minimizes the pain.


7. Improves Sleep

Cryotherapy boosts endorphins which are the primary hormones for making us feel good about yourselves. With the increased level of endorphins, you feel less stressed, and you are able to fall asleep more easily than before.


8. It’s Quick And Easy

The most time cryotherapy takes is four minutes, and you can return to your daily tasks immediately after that. So what are you waiting for?

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