Women’s Health: The Best Alternative Back Pain Treatment

The Effects of Back Pain

Deliberating back pain can strike you anywhere in the neck, middle and lower back. Most likely, your lower back will be the common source of pain because it carries the most weight. Symptoms range from a dull ache to shooting pain to even an alarming burning sensation. However, you know that already. You followed a link from somewhere else to learn more about the alternative back pain treatment called cryotherapy.


Is This Alternative Back Pain Treatment Painful?

No, not at all: Cryotherapy is gentle, selective chilling of painful joints and muscles, to even aiding in sprained ankle recovery. This temporarily restricts blood flow, allowing the inflamed cells to relax and begin the healing process.

This incredible treatment was the inspiration of Egyptian physicians 4,500 years ago, but knowledge of it vanished during the destruction of the empire.

The science reappeared almost miraculously at the Great London Exhibition of 1851. Yet, this new treatment really only took off when liquid nitrogen became readily available in the 1950’s.


Why Do You Recommend Cryotherapy For Women?

It works great with men too! Women particularly appreciate not being whacked about on a chiropractor’s table or having their appearance otherwise disturbed. They can pop in for their alternative back pain treatment and be free to get on with life directly after. Nobody ever needs to know what they have been doing for the past half hour.

Moreover, the medical equipment is simple with no heavy lifting, making it ideal for women to women treatment anytime. However, the biggest benefit is cryotherapy is non-invasive. Anybody who went through back surgery will tell you how to wish they tried it first.


What Can I Expect From This Treatment?

There is an excellent chance you will feel relief after a few days. Imagine being able to sleep peacefully at night again and not hobbling when you get out a chair. Life is so much better when you can do everything you are used to doing. Imagine being able to pick bargain purchases from lower shelves in stores, after a few short sessions of alternative back pain treatment. Your solution could be one of:

  • Localized application of liquid nitrogen through a cryo hand-held device
  • Standing in a cubicle for total immersion except for your head

Cryotherapeutic alternative back pain treatment is safe, sure and effective when delivered through the caring hands of a trained professional. The treatments are quick and the sensation fades soon.


Cryotherapy: The Perfect Solution For Sports Injuries

Muscles strains cause approximately 80% of back pain among active people, especially when they do not warm up properly before doing an athletic activity. Cryotherapy is an ideal alternative back pain treatment for busy people like them.

There is no hospitalization required. They can get on with their lives (carefully at first) while allowing natural processes to heal their bodies.


Contact us to speak with a professional cryotherapy specialist in San Diego if you would like to explore this proven treatment further.

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