The word cryotherapy is derived from the Greek “cryo” (cold) and “therapy” (cure). The concept of treating by the cold can be traced back 4,000 years in ancient Egypt as an effective pain and inflammation management technique. Greek physician Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine) noted that exposure to the cold could reduce swelling, pain and bleeding.

In the late 70s, Dr. Yamaguchi started to use whole body cryotherapy to treat his patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. From then on, cryotherapy became a recognized medical technology, widely used in Europe. Over the past decade or so, it has gained worldwide popularity in sports performance enhancement and the treatment of chronic inflammation.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Train harder and longer
  • Rid your body of pain and inflammation
  • Recover faster post-surgery
  • Lose weight and smooth out cellulite
  • Regain skin elasticity
  • Burn up to 800 calories
  • Improve sleep and mood

Those are but a few of the benefits of cryotherapy, experienced by athletes to gain peak performance; as a complement to physical therapy; to provide relief from mild to severe chronic pain; and as a weight management technique.

San Diego Cryotherapy is proud to provide the benefits of cryotherapy to everyone, be it whole body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy or Cryofacial™.
Indeed, we believe there is no better type of business than one helping others in our community live happier, healthier, and more pain free lives. We started San Diego Cryotherapy because we understand and believe in the wide range of health benefits Cryotherapy has to offer to all San Diego residents.

We want you to come experience the many health benefits for yourself, which is why we strive to have the most affordable cryotherapy treatments available. At San Diego Cryotherapy we want all of our clients to have a positive experience and your safety is our highest priority. We are proud to be trained and certified by Dr. Jonas Kuehne of Cryohealthcare Inc. in Los Angeles.

We are the only Cryotherapy Center in San Diego County to hold this certification.

San Diego Cryotherapy is committed to providing you with the latest developments and technologies in the Cryogenics field. Let us help you exceed your goals in health and wellness.