San Diego Cryotherapy : A Cool New Trend To Chill Out

If you haven’t heard of it yet, San Diego cryotherapy is something you’ll definitely want to try just for the cool factor (sorry for the bad puns- okay, we’re not sorry), let alone all the health benefits. For those not in the know, the concept of cryotherapy is pretty simple- using cold temperatures to fight pain and reduce swelling, while also boosting metabolism. Anytime you’ve ever used an ice pack, you’ve used a very localized form of cryotherapy. At San Diego Cryotherapy though, the concept is taken one step further to provide even wider benefits, and is much easier and faster than using ice.

“You’re being put into carbon freeze…” -Lando Calrissian

Well, not really, but the special cryosaunas you’ll find at San Diego Cryotherapy might remind you of the famous Star Wars scene with Han Solo. These saunas receive their cooling power from liquid nitrogen, which drops the temperature inside the booths to a stunning -190°F, or even as low as -256°F. That’s far lower than even the lowest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica, which was -128°F.

After standing in one of these futuristic booths for just a couple of minutes, your skin temperature drops but your core temperature remains its toasty self. The shock to your system this creates immediately releases endorphins, but the real benefits come after you step out and begin to warm back up. Blood passages open up, allowing better oxygen and nutrient delivery. The rapid change in temperature causes your body to hit that “reset” button, and it kicks your metabolism into overdrive.

Meanwhile the cold temperatures dramatically slow down any inflammation or swelling caused by injuries or intense workouts, and the whole process burns as much as 800 calories in just one three-minute session. This makes a trip to the cryosauna the perfect way to cool off after a tough gym session!

San Diego Cryotherapy : something for your (ice) bucket list

While all this could be summed up by saying it’s a way to reduce pain, improve metabolism, and burn calories, that wouldn’t do justice to the fact that a large part of the experience is the experience.

It can take some guts to step into a booth 128° colder than the coldest day in Antarctica, while only wearing cotton underwear, slippers, and gloves. The thrill of the dare is definitely part of the fun, as is the opportunity to shamelessly quote from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” about being frozen in “carbonate”.

The endorphin rush from the cryosauna lasts a whole lot longer than those three minutes spent inside: one user of cryotherapy says he feels the “high” from the experience for up to five or six hours afterwards, providing him with sharper focus- “like taking 16 cups of coffee with none of the side effects”.

So pretty much, you’ve got to try it. San Diego Cryotherapy takes walk-ins, and prices are currently about half of what you’d pay in other parts of the country, so don’t miss out and chill out!

Whether you need just a boost of energy or are looking for a painless physical therapy after an injury or surgery, San Diego Cryotherapy is the place to visit.

The only center in the area to be certified by Cryohealthcare Inc., San Diego Cryotherapy offers services of the utmost quality in terms of technology and safety standards.

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