The Freezing by Cryotherapy: New Weight Loss Trend?

Our quest for weight loss solutions seems to never end. New methods pop up with frightening rapidity, some so dubious we wouldn’t even think them possible.
One hot trend gaining notoriety lately is cryotherapy. Widely used in the medical field to treat ailments and in high performance sports, the technique has inched its way to weight management, possibly by surprise (think Fleming and penicillin, happy accidents can happen). Let’s not confuse trend and fad. Cryotherapy is likely here to stay (after all, it exists since the mid 70s). The multiple benefits of freezing the body (not to an ice cube, 3 minutes maximum) are too good to pass. And not just pain relief. How about weight loss?

It makes perfect sense: exposure to intense cold triggers physiological responses. In protect mode to maintain the core body temperature, your body naturally increases its metabolic rate to produce heat. The supply of energy for the process comes from burning calories.

When the vessels dilate back and heat is restored to the surface layers of the body, the blood is pumped with great force throughout tissues and organs. Everything is delivered in a more efficient manner: oxygen, nutrient and white blood cells. By improving organ functions, the immune system gets a boost. Fat is distributed more evenly.

If that were not enough, cryotherapy has an impact on the quality of sleep (poor sleeping patterns associate with weight gain). Freeze, sleep better, lose weight!

Let’s add one more, just to ultimately convince ourselves that cryotherapy is far better than popping pills or starving ourselves: mood improvement. By triggering the release of endorphins, the freezing therapy creates a feeling of elation and a peak of energy. When we are happy, we are less inclined to snack and more likely to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Added bonus, if you will.

So yes, freezing by cryotherapy is a new trend for weight loss. One we should seriously consider: less pain and less pounds. What’s not to like?

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