4 extreme ways to recover from workout

We all have our different, personal and specific way to recover from workout. Some don’t even actually recover from a trip to the gym, they take a quick shower and rush back to work.
The way you recover from a workout depends on your lifestyle but also the time of day you workout and the intensity of your exercise routine.

4 Traditional ways to recover from workout

In order to avoid injuries and to allow you to make progress, you, your body and your muscles need to take time after each workout:

  • Warm up before and stretch after each workout in order to avoid injuries
  • Drink plenty of fluids. You need to replace the water and electrolytes that your body just spent
  • Feed your muscles; you need a good balance of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Get some rest. Ultimately this is what you need the most after a good workout

This is what everybody should do after any type of training or exercise session in order to not only stay in shape but get in a better shape safely.

4 extreme ways to recover from a workout

Infrared Sauna – This is not your regular sauna, it is not the room that is heated up but your body thanks to infrared lights that penetrate your skin and warm up your sore muscles.

Peristaltic Pulse Dynamic Compression (PPDC) – Usually not recommended if you suffer from acute vein thrombosis, the limb is massaged and compressed while in a sleeve where air pressure circulates, therefore improving blood flow.

Posture correcting clothing – carefully designed and engineered using NeuroBand panels technology the shirts and shorts made with this fabric will realign your joints, your muscles and your back to recover from workout in a gentle fashion.

Cryotherapy – Unless you have high blood pressure or Renaud’s syndrome, this is the new most effective post-workout pain management and recovery technique. Liquid nitrogen is used to expose the body (or part of the body) to low temperatures for a brief period time under supervision in a controlled environment.

We all deal with pain and soreness in a different way. To quickly recover from workout, especially intense training, one may need to explore new and somewhat extreme methods. When an Advil and a hot shower aren’t enough, we can go for a post workout recovery as intense as the workout itself. We live in an era of boot camp training, full body workout, P90X DVD workout and CrossFit… of course we need extreme ways!

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