12 Reasons To Try Cryotherapy

Professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities are flocking to try cryotherapy: a very cool way to treat their symptoms. The treatment introduces the body to subzero temperatures for a short period of time, causing the outer layer of skin to cool rapidly. Cryotherapy has had a positive effect on “a wide variety of illnesses and after injuries,” according to the International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health.

Try Cryotherapy to treat ailments

1. To decrease inflammation, including arthritis
Cryotherapy restricts and then increases circulation, clearing toxins from the blood to reduce inflammation.

2. To regenerate tissue, cartilage, ligaments and skin
Enhanced blood circulation also produces oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood, and leads to faster healing.

3. To boost recovery from intense exercise and injury
Heightened circulation restores pre-exercise conditions and diminishes recurrence of injury.

4. To relieve chronic and acute pain
Cryotherapy stimulates endorphins, chemicals released by the brain to moderate and alleviate pain.

Try Cryotherapy to improve overall wellness

5. To enhance mood and a positive mental state
Endorphins also create pleasurable feelings and are the body’s natural mood lifters.

6. To fight stress and anxiety
Endorphins lower heart rate and blood pressure, encouraging a calm and relaxed body.

7. To treat insomnia and jet lag
Endorphins activate a mild sedative response, making it easier to sleep.

Try Cryotherapy to improve your health and look

Try Cryotherapy

8. To tone skin and smooth complexion
Cryotherapy increases skin firmness and relaxes wrinkles.

9. To burn up to 800 calories per session
The body uses a large amount of energy when rapidly cooling and then warming back up.

10. To increase metabolism
Chilling the body leads to an increased metabolism that can last 5 to 8 hours.

11. To strengthen the immune system
Cryotherapy raises the body temperature for a short while, stimulating the immune system.

12. To heighten energy level
Subzero air stimulates all of the organs and functions in the body, creating renewed energy.

If you want to recover from an injury, lose weight or just feel good, cryotherapy is a fast and safe way to reach your goal. In fact, cryotherapy can enhance your life in all of these ways. You don’t have to settle for just one!

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